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We vote every year in Virginia!

Virginia is for VotersPresidential elections get the most attention but local elections more directly impact our daily lives. Our county and state elected officials have tremendous opportunity and responsibility to shape our communities. In Virginia we vote every year, and sometimes more than once if there are primaries and special elections.

Virginia does not allow online voting. You must vote in-person or through an absentee ballot before election day. Voters must register 22 days before a general election. Today is a great day to register or make sure your registration is current! Check your status or register to vote here.

About Fairfax County and the Hunter Mill District

What Fairfax county district do you live in_ (1)Fairfax County is organized into nine magisterial districts. Hunter Mill is one of these districts. The district covers Reston, most of Vienna, and some of Herndon. Here is more info on Hunter Mill and all Fairfax districts:

Each year, Fairfax County’s budget is governed and established by the Board of Supervisors. The Board collects revenue (taxes) that pays for county services, including public schools, early childhood supports, police and fire, libraries, parks, and more. Currently, revenue can only be collected by the taxes that homeowners pay – the personal property tax. The ability to collect revenue is granted by the Virginia General Assembly. Fairfax County cannot decide on its own to implement new taxes – it must get a law passed at the state level to do so.

Add a headingThe Fairfax County School Board does not have the ability to raise revenue. It must work annually with the Board of Supervisors to come to an agreement on the budget that is available to the schools. The School Board is an extension of community advocacy to the Board of Supervisors, while also seeking to work collaboratively on budget needs. The budget is developed largely between January through May each year, with the most vital work happening by March.

Each magisterial district has a representative on the Board of Supervisors and on the School Board. However, the Boards are not identical in make up. The Board of Supervisors has one representative for each magisterial district, plus an at-large chairperson (10 seats). The School Board has one representative for each magisterial district, plus three at-large seats and a rotating chairperson assignment (12 seats). 

Melanie is seeking the Hunter Mill district seat on the School Board, which will not have an incumbent in 2019. All seats on the School Board and all seats on the County Board are up for re-election in November 2019.

Since the Board of Supervisors controls the public dollars and the School Board does not, it makes for a complex budget process. Melanie wants to make this annual process work better for all of us.

See these sites for more information about the budget process:

FCPS explains the budget

Budget description by the #IamFCPS campaign