Melanie Meren is an education policy professional, parent, and community advocate who believes that strong schools make a strong community.

Melanie’s Plan for Fairfax:

  • Educate all children for their own personal success that cultivates their paths beyond school and into adulthood.
  • Fortify our teaching force through appropriate compensation, vital instructional resources and support, and reasonable expectations on teachers’ time.
  • Offer safe, human-centered spaces and facilities that inspire learning and create connections among school, community, and the natural environment.

Melanie represents Hunter Mill on the Fairfax County School Board because after years of advocating as a parent and professional in education policy and communications, she believes she can accomplish more as an elected leader. She will advance solutions that evolve our system to meet the needs of our students and communities now – and plan for future expected needs. 

Melanie is uniquely qualified to be your School Board member.

As a parent of two young children in Fairfax County Public Schools and a resident of Fairfax County since 2005, Melanie experiences the opportunities, challenges, and realities of raising a family here.

Her career in education public policy and programming means she deeply understands our public education system. As a community leader, she has advocated for responsible public school funding since 2015.