Educate the Whole Student

Our students need learning opportunities that develop their essential knowledge and critical thinking abilities while striving for success. They should be simultaneously building skills in resiliency, communication, and healthy habits through a public education that works the muscles in students’  heads, bodies, and hearts.

Provide a Robust Education

Fairfax is a fantastic school system, and all students should receive the promise of its resources. Access that includes language arts and math, science and STEM, civics and government, world languages, music & performing arts, visual art, physical education, outdoor learning, trade-based skills, and more is critical. Ultimately, students must graduate the school system prepared to seize opportunities for post-secondary learning, the workforce, or other identified goals. 

Students have different strengths and needs, and our schools must serve all students as they work toward aspirational and realistic expectations for success. Melanie works with FCPS staff and community partners to ensure an appropriate public education is received by all our children – including those who have disabilities and those who need advanced academic opportunities. 

The most effective education will be inclusive, respectful, and antiracist.

Honor Staff Professionalism & Retain Diverse Staff Who Mirror Our Community

A world-class education force requires competitive compensation and benefits, vital instructional resources, and realistic expectations on their time. Our school employees should represent Fairfax County: diverse in thoughts, experiences, and appearances. FCPS must attract and retain the most talented instructors, staff, and administrative personnel.

Budget to Maximize Taxpayer Resources

Melanie managed millions of taxpayer dollars when working at the U.S. Department of Education before helping oversee the $3 billion FCPS budget. She views fiscal responsibility as needing precise planning and measures of accountability to ensure a return on investment. 

Foster Environmental Stewardship

When students learn the value of natural resources through hands-on learning, they gain academic knowledge and skills, plus a meaningful passion for protecting our environment! When combined with actions that make our facilities and bus fleet more sustainable we prepare interested students for Green Sector jobs in Virginia and worldwide.

Decrease Class Sizes

Forging the teacher-student bond is critical to create trusted spaces for learning – this happens when teachers have manageable-sized groups of students who require instruction, feedback, and engagement. With more attention per student we can improve student outcomes.

Improve Facilities, Reduce Trailers

Students and staff deserve inspiring and comfortable learning spaces. Melanie seeks to reduce trailers and establish outdoor learning spaces at all schools.

Expand School Counseling

Every public school should have full-time, dedicated professionals who help students overcome anxieties, growing pains, and roadblocks to future success and health. Student mental health is essential for being ready to learn.

Educate Young Children

A strong education that begins early in life is scientifically-proven to improve lifelong success for our children. We must serve more young learners instead of keeping them and their families on waiting lists for education that for some can truly be the difference between success and failure. 

Eliminate Gun Violence

No student should fear for their safety, and every parent should have peace of mind when their children are in school. Weapons of war don’t belong near or in schools, or in Virginia.

Welcome New Virginians

Virginia has a unique past, but we are building a diverse, welcoming school system free from racial, ethnic, gender, or orientation discrimination. Our public schools serve all children and are safe havens.