New in spring 2023:

Democratic endorsement voting opportunity for all registered Fairfax voters!

The candidate who wins moves to the November election.

Melanie earned the Democratic endorsement in 2019, and seeks to earn it again now.

This voting opportunity happens online!

Here’s how you can help re-elect Melanie:

Step 1: Completed! (sign up between April 10 – May 5)

Step 2: If you signed up, you’ll receive a link via email May 13, to vote online by May 20!

More information is on the Fairfax Democrats website, here.

What is an endorsement?

An endorsement is like a primary, but run by a local political party organization, not the Department of Elections. 

Why does a political endorsement matter?  

While School Board candidates are non-partisan (there is no “D” or “R” next to names on the November ballot), today’s political landscape necessitates that voters have more information. Earning a political party’s endorsement informs voters about the candidate’s values.  

Only the endorsed candidate moves forward to the November general election ballot. 

Is this endorsement process new?

No, it isn’t new. However, previously, only membership-paying individuals of the local party organization could vote to endorse – just a few hundred people. 

This year, the Fairfax Democratic Committee is running the process for all registered voters in Fairfax to participate!

I don’t have kids in the public schools – can I vote to endorse a School Board candidate?

Absolutely! Most (two-thirds) of Fairfax residents don’t have children attending FCPS at any time – but everyone’s taxes that fund public education are an investment in a strong Fairfax community and economy.

Fall general election: