New in April and May 2023: Democratic endorsement voting opportunity for all registered Hunter Mill voters!

The candidate who wins this endorsement moves on to the November election.

Melanie earned the Democratic endorsement in 2019, and seeks to earn it again.

This voting opportunity happens online, beginning April 10, 2023.

Here’s how you can help re-elect Melanie:

Step 1: Get notified about when you can begin participating. Sign up for Melanie’s emails here, or check the Fairfax Democratic Party’s website for information that’s available starting April 10, at 10am.

Step 2: Between April 10 and May 5, sign-up online to vote!

Step 3: Between May 13 and May 20, vote online, using a link emailed to you from the Fairfax Democratic party.

Accommodations, including language translations and ADA compliant access, plus in-person sign-up and voting options are available. Information will be here.

Why Does a Political Endorsement Matter?

  • An endorsement is not the same thing as a primary. This is an elective process that FCDC runs.
  • While elections for School Board members are theoretically non-partisan, the reality of today’s political landscape does not align with that idea.
  • All elected officials represent a set of values and ideas. It is FCDC’s mission to elect Democrats that align with Democratic values and ideas. Endorsement is the best way to represent which candidate aligns with those values and ideas and allows FCDC to then create and share a sample ballot with voters.

Fall general election: